Our mission is to make honest food available in the heart of every neighborhood. 
— Julie & Arnaud, founders

We like to think of Vive la tarte as a neighborhood-gathering place for people to enjoy remarkable food.

We are bakers, artists and dreamers who come together with a single intention in mind: bringing meaningful and nourishing experiences to our guests.

From traditional croissants to taco-croissants, Vive la tarte is about melding classic techniques into unique creations with wholesome, local and seasonal ingredients.

Free-spirited and inspired by the thrill of possibility, we’re building our own narrative, with a radical approach to the craft and a relentless focus on people.

We designed our space to expand natural light, to initiate conversations, to encourage connections. We believe food is made memorable when shared with the purpose of bringing people together.

Our esthetic integrates mid-century modern design, Japanese wabi-sabi and industrial soul. Our spaces also reflects our culinary approach: one that strips down food to its purest, most flavorful form.

For our beverage program, we’ve partnered with like-minded friends: we source outstanding coffees from Justin & Jerad’s Sightglass Roastery and distinctive teas from Aaron & Gina’s August Uncommon.

Our doors are open, come gather here.

Julie and Arnaud, founders